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  1. You can do a simple home purification if there are no serious health conditions. Start with taking in Ghee(clarified butter) every morning for 3 days. Do Abhyanga for 5 days. Make the 6-th day a day of complete rest. Take pergative in the morning ( 1 Tbsp of castor oil). After several bowel movements eat some cooked white rice. Observe light diet for all 6 days of internal cleansing.
    Stay well.

  2. Yes,you take 1 Tbsp of Ghee with hot water first thing in the morning for 3 days. The purpose of this is to lubricate tissues inside your body so the poisons ( Ama) they are holding onto will dissolve and slide out more easily.
    After that you lubricate your body from outside doing oil massage for 3 days (see Abhyanga) so the toxins can be released. Last thing – eliminate them taking purgative.

  3. More clarification please.

    Can the above cleaning process is applicable to all age people? Any restriction(s)?
    After taking ghee for 3 days what needs to be done rest of the day?
    After taking oil massage for next 3days (3-5? days) what needs to be done rest of the day?
    After taking purgative for next 1 day what needs to be done rest of the day?
    Is this applicable in all seasons irrespective of one’s prakriti and current state of dosha imbalances?

    Please advise.

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