Are You Special or Just a Number?

Are You Special or Just a Number?

It takes very little observation to realize that we are all different types of individuals. Why does one diet program work for your friend and not for you? Why one medicine or herb have different action on different people?

Ayurveda is the only system that has developed a logical system of different natures of individuals and, hence, their treatment. This is called the Tri-Dosha theory and forms the basic of Ayurvedic system (see What is Ayurveda; Prakruti-your unique constitution; and Dosha-test). It allows you to structure your diet, your life style, your exercising program depending on who you are and the context of your life (your Prakruti and Vikruti).

Ayurvedic approach also allows choosing the herbal remedies that are correct for you with great accuracy. Directions are given as to the exact use and varying effects of a plant. That knowledge gives us responsibility for our own body and tools to find peace and happiness in our lives. See also; Daily routine for your Dosha; What is Health; and Why we get sick).

TODAY’S TIP: Choose to be honored and treated as a special person, for you deserve it.

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  1. Burt Del Rio says:

    Great post on the Ayurvedic concept of individuality through the tri doshic theory. Ayurveda stems from the Sankhya philosophy and is quite comprehensive in its system of health. In Ayurveda, when a patient seeks treatment the practitioner does not begin by asking what disease will I treat, rather asks what person (via tri dosha) shall I treat… Your article articulates this point very well. Thank you for sharing the post :)

  2. Larisa says:

    Thanks, Burt!

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