Tampons and Pads – Watch out!

Tampons and Pads – Watch out!

If you are having any kind of chronic menstrual problem or have difficulties in becoming pregnant it may be a good time to check on what kind of tampons and pads you use.

Atreya Smith in his brilliant book Ayurvedic Healing for Women: Herbal Gynecology says that “there is substantial proof that tampons are related to Toxic Shock Syndrome in some women”. Studies show that a wood-fiber product that is used in tampons is bleached with dioxin, a byproduct of chlorine bleaching and a known carcinogen. Dioxin accumulates in fat tissues and has been linked to cancer, endometriosis, and immune suppression. The Environmental Protection Agency did a study in 1994 that showed that one in every 1000 cases of cancer may be caused by dioxin.

It is better to use cotton unbleached products since rayon has also been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. In 1980, thirty eight women died of TSS in the United States.
Health Food stores do carry all-natural pads and tampons.

Dioxin, remaining in woman’s body is capable of affecting her partner as well since it has been linked to low sperm counts in men.

TODAY’S  TIP: Guys, watch carefully what your wife or girl friend is using, you could be affected too.

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