Pearl Powder – an Excellent Treatment for Acne

Pearl Powder – an Excellent Treatment for Acne

We spend a lifetime living in our skin. The skin is the border between our inner and outer world, the first impression the outer world has of us. The condition of the skin is the mirror of our overall health.

What happens in the body when acne appears?
From the Ayurvedic point of view, acne is the result of high Pitta (fire, heat) moving under the skin and breaking out in pimples.

From the angle of Chinese medicine, the main cause for acne is too much Yang energy. The heat of Yang can result in the flow of excessive toxic substances into the bloodstream, thus causing inflammation and swelling.

Western medicine concerns itself with the cleaning of pores or the killing of microorganisms that cause the infections. Holistic medicine believes that the body can deal with blocked pores and with any type of infections by itself, and if it is failing to do so, it must be the result of some form of imbalance.
The removal of excessive heat would free the energy flow and enable the body to clear the infection.

An Herbal Acne Treatment helps the body to heal acne using its own power.

Peony & Scrophula Acne Pills is a well balanced formula aimed to clear the blood heat and eliminate toxins.

Peony & Scrophula Acne Pills are proved to treat:
- Acne;
- Furuncles;
- Skin itching;
- Rashes;
- Hives.

  Peony & Scrophula Acne pills $8.95/ bottle 60 pills
Benefits of Peony & Scrophula Acne pills:
- Has no side effects.
- Acne heals without scarring.
- The skin is restored to its smooth, youthful, and beautiful appearance.
- The complexion appears fresh.
- Improves kidney function.
- Promotes the health of the circulatory system.
- Improves immunity.

How do the pills work?
The role of holistic formulas can best be explained through the Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view because none of the active components taken alone is as effective as the whole formula.
The idea is that acne indicates that something has gone out of balance in the body. The treatment would seek to restore the balance enabling the body to use its own resources to clear the acne.

Dosage: 4-5 pills 3 times daily, with warm water or tea. It is beneficial to drink more warm water or tea to help the body get rid of toxins.

- Do not take when pregnant.
- Fried food is generally not recommended even for healthy individuals. Eating fried food with Pitta conditions such as acne is comparable to throwing oil into a fire — the course will be prolonged, and the pharmaceutical effect will be counteracted.

Why are Peony & Scrophula Acne pills unique?

This formula contains a unique combination of the best Chinese, Western, and Indian natural ingredients used to treat acne. Taken together, they support and increase each other’s action, and neutralize side effects possible if an ingredient would be taken alone.

Are there side effects?

It should be noted that skin disorders sometimes get worse before they get better, as the heat and toxins are being dispelled from the body. Be patient. The long – term approach is really the only way to have long – term results. Minimum 6 weeks treatment is recommended for the body needs time to rebalance its functions.

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