Happiness IS a Choice

Happiness IS a Choice

The most amazing part of Ayurveda is Cosmology, which describes the working principles of the universe and Philosophy which explains the meaning and purpose of our life.
The Vedic knowledge states that we never die, that  Justice and Happiness exist and that the inevitable path of every being is evolution.

Our immortal part, the Soul, was incarnated here on Earth due to the specific desires we had in our previous lives. After all the lessons we have to learn here will be completed, the Soul will receive a new body according to the new ascending or descending  desires we developed during our present life.  Everyone deserves their current life conditions and people they are interacting with. The only way to improve our destiny is to realize that fairness and start obeying the cosmic laws.

The capital law states that Love is the only thing which will raise us to higher places in the universe. Unfortunately, degradation is an attribute of life here on Earth. It is enough to stop making effort to progress and degradation appears by itself. That’s why it is essential to continually strive for perfection.

The ways we can do it are:
1. Study teachings, that are proved by time. Proved by time means:  -they exist for a long time (at least several centuries),  -their scriptures describe some events that have already happen,  -their followers live pious life,- there is a linage teacher-disciple existing for a long time.
2. Communicate with prudent, elevated people. Same attracts same is the basic principle in Ayurveda. So it matters who we listen to and spend time with.
3. Keep the mind pure by not polluting it with ignorant food, bad habits, and a bad life  style.
4. The most powerful way to send more love to the universe is prayers. One can pray according to their tradition or just send a positive message in simple words (for example May all beings be happy). We can repeat it silently during the day, but speaking it out loud is much more powerful.

TODAY’S TIP: You’ll be surprised about positive changes in your life right away after you start practicing some of above actions.

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