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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra During the last fifty years the way of life has changed greatly. Our mind is engrossed in material survival and has lost the point of balance and harmony. The body and mind are unable to adapt to the … Continue reading

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Age of Quarrel – Kali Yuga

Age of Quarrel – Kali Yuga Once we have chosen to live in the material world which is subject to cycles of creating and destroying.  The spiritual world is eternal though. Material universes are created and destroyed in everlasting cycles, … Continue reading

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Five Bodies (Koshas)

Five Bodies (Koshas) The body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, interrelated and inter – penetrating. So the body is made up of layers or substances, each more subtle than the next. Each body has a dimension and a layer. Vedas … Continue reading

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