Ayurvedic Face Diagnostic.

Ayurvedic Face Diagnostic.

For an Ayurvedic doctor the face features can be distinctive beacons showing the condition of inner organs. Every wrinkle or “casual” line  provide diagnostic  information for one who understands.

We also can tell what system needs attention just from observing ourselves in the mirror.


Horizontal lines witness that the person has been being upset for a long time, what might cause a nervous system imbalance. And such an imbalance is the  call for all other diseases to come. The deeper the lines the more serious the stress.

Vertical line between the eyebrows  closer to the right eye shows that you need to stop suppress your emotions. Otherwise the liver will suffer.

The same line closer to the left eye indicates a spleen imbalance.

Lower eyelids.

Eye bags highlight kidney problems.


If the nose changes color, check your kidneys. It also indicates lack of iron and folic acid due to poor metabolic function.

Pointy nose is the Pitta mark.

Hooked nose designates a Vata person.

Potato-looking or flat nose indicate Kapha dosha.


Change of cheeks color has the same meaning  as that of the nose (kidney  and lack of iron and folic acid).

Sunken (hollow) cheeks point to the Vata constitution, which has difficulty to gain weight.

Plump cheeks indicate Kapha that perfectly holds water and fat and seems to gain weight just from looking at food.


Dry and/or rough lips show Vata imbalance. Stop worrying will give your lips the smoothness back.

Pale lips are the sign of anemia.

Light brown spots on lips indicate poor digestion and/or worms.

Bluish lip color indicate heart problems.

Yellowish lips signal jaundice.

TODAY’S TIP: Looking at yourself in a mirror can help you to notice a disharmony before it manifests on the physical level.

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