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Ayurveda on Conception of Righteous Children

Only few people are pure enough to live the life of renunciation and be able to progress on the way to God on themselves. Most people live lives of householders, which means get married and fulfill our duties towards our relatives and society. This path is as treasured as the path of a monk and can lead to spiritual heights as well. One of our responsibilities is to bear honorable offsprings.

Conception in Vedic belief is not a spontaneous action, but a precise scrupulous process of attracting the right person into the life of family. Today’s “spontaneous” conception can be compared with a situation when to-be parents go into the street and shout out loud : Hey, anybody, come into our life and live with us! Only God knows what kind of person will come and live next to us in our home for   decades. See also “Features of a Righteous Person

Vedas consider conception as a key moment in life with understanding that there is no such thing as uncalculated children. Every kid comes for reason, and we must take responsibility to bring generation of better persons into this world.

Vedas say, that in all the infinite galaxies of the universe the Earth has a special value for the soul looking for embodiment. Our planet is a place where a soul is able to progress rapidly and get rid of the circle of births and deaths entering the spiritual world. On the hellish planets there is only suffering, while on the heavenly ones the living beings are experiencing enjoyment only. When the time of joy or suffering we earned in the past life is over, one returns to the planets of Earthy type, and here there is a chance to reach liberation. That’s why many souls are avid to get embodied here and are willing to wait a long time for this unique chance.

Vedic knowledge on this matter is described in scriptures named Upanishad. They cover interrelationship of man and woman, conception, pregnancy, delivery and raising of children. Vedas give vast amount of wisdom of how to draw in a righteous soul into the family,  how  to be healthy throughout  pregnancy and post-natal period and how to bring up kids.

We can not underestimate the importance of the moment of conception. At this moment the main milestones of the person’s life are set: personality, duration of life, social status, amount of wealth and so on. Since modern parents are barely aware of the exact moment of conception, astrology has to use the time of birth for horoscope analyzing. But time of birth is obviously determined by the time of conception.

Three major components that determine the kind of person is going to be born and the major events of her life:

1).   Good and bad actions of to-be born person in her past lives (karma).

2).   The time of conception (position of planets).

3).  The set of mind of Mom and Dad at the moment of conception.

Obviously we can influence at least two last components that determine our child’s personality and destiny. We can study and choose auspicious time and practice the necessary state of mind to get a kid that will be a blessing for the parents. And even the first factor (karma) is workable, because Vedas say, that “like attracts like”. The better persons we are, the better child we deserve.

When to start.

At Vedic time families were preparing for conception long before it actually happened. In fact the whole life was such a preparation. The meaning of marriage was to bear children. That’s why couples took it extremely seriously. It was assumed that parents are in good health at the moment of conception. To do so they needed to lead healthy lives long before the actual time. To keep pure set of mind at a given moment is only possible if you have been practicing it for a long while.

Vedas recommend to start preparing for conception at least six month prior to it. In this period it is possible to  purify the body and get in the needed mood.

The right set of mind includes:

Pure body.

–  Get rid of wrong habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs, and caffeinated drinks. There are about 200 situations in everyday life that trigger smoking, drinking and so on. For example: woke up – cigarette, ate meal – cigarette, joy – cigarette, grief – cigarette etc. One needs to get over every triggering situation at least three times, to overcome habitual use of stimulants. In case of wrong eating habits the situation must be overcome ten times.

–    Purify your body through Pancha Karma (See Pancha Karma) or its short home version. Do not do Pancha Karma when already pregnant.

–   Go over your diet and eating habits and make sure you eat right things at the right time. Giving up eating meat, fish and eggs will make your body more suitable to bear a pure child. Milk products are beneficial both for the body and mind. (See Ayurvedic diet and eating habits; Dairy products in Ayurveda)

–   Revise your daily schedule, get up before 6 am and make sure you go to bed before 10 pm. You’ll have the same 7-8 hours of sleep, but the quality of sleep is different. You’ll get plenty of rest due to the help of moon energy; and the sun will give your optimism, enthusiasm and good health, when you rise together with it (See Time – the most powerful factor).

Pure mind.

–    It is recommended to get officially married before getting children. Vedas believe that there are three levels of protection for a family. The lowest level is when woman and man simply live together. In case of struggling the family is protected only by the relatives. When the couple is officially married they are protected by the relatives and society. In case of spiritual marriage God is protecting the family and child as well.

–    Be aware that you are going to invite a new person in your life. Get closer to each other, value your relationship and find time to talk every day opening your heart to each other. That will give the feeling of support and safety.

–   Discuss with each other what kind of personality you would like to invite into your family. Enumerate your future child’s features such as truthfulness, kindness, honesty, bravery and so on. You may also think about her outlook. In that case try to imagine her appearance as clear as possible. It is not recommended to concentrate on a specific gender of you baby. God has His plan on your family and if you are already attached to a specific gender, it can cause difficulties with sexual self-understanding of your child in case your expectations not come true.

–   Most important is to trust each other and be hundred percent sure that your spouse is the best partner in the whole world with whom you are happily willing to live up to the end of your life and bring up  kids.

The time of conception.

–   If possible consult a TRUSTFUL Vedic astrologist about a good time of conception for a baby. It is even possible to conceive a child with specific features depending of position of the moon in one of twenty seven nakshatras (moon constellations). If you can’t find a good one, do not go to an astrologist at all. If you love each other and are aware of the importance of the act of conceiving, your intuition will serve you better than a questionable astrologist.

–   There are general recommendations for the time of conceiving. Nine pm till midnight is the best time. It is not recommended to do it at eleventh day of waning and waxing moon (see Ekadashi).   Time of eclipse is considered to be inauspicious as well.

–   Take into consideration the state of nature too. Any turbulence in the weather such as strong gusty wind or thunderstorm are not good. If you feel ill or anxious, you should probably postpone this serious action.

–    It is not recommended for the Dad to attend his baby’s birth process. It is even said that this shortens the lifespan of the father.

TODAY’S TIP: If you already have children and suddenly found out, that you did something against above mentioned recommendations, remember that it is not that easy to prevent God to execute His plan regarding you and give you the best child. You can though make the situation even better by improving the state of your mind and body.


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