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Amaroli – the Urine Therapy

Urine therapy means using your own urine either externally or internally as a way to promote or maintain health. Its advocates claim it to be a panacea for pretty much any ailment, from burns to AIDS. In 1996 more than 600 scientists gathered in Goa, India, for the First World Conference on Auto-Urine Therapy.

To better understand what happen when one consumes his urine we need to remember the basic Vedic concept of the three Gunas.

Everything in the material world exists in three moods or qualities (gunas): Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas and their combinations. They influence every action, thought, and desire of all beings.

Sattva or Righteousness means that a being is happy when he promotes the well-being of  everything around him.

Rajas or Passion means that a being seeks his own happiness but is willing to observe the right of others to happiness. Rajas stands for competition.

Tamas or Ignorance means that a being intends to be happy at every cost ignoring the needs of others.

We can find the three gunas everywhere.

Plants: fruit trees are sattvic since they kindly offer their produce to others, vines are rajasic since they use other plants to grow, and poisonous plants are tamasic.

Animals: cow is sattvic, monkey is rajasic, scorpion – tamasic.

Places: temples are sattvic, cities – rajasic, pubs and railway stations – tamasic.

Activities appear in three gunas as well. Sattvic action is charity, prayer, or care for other beings; 99 percent of our everyday activities are rajasic; stealing, killing, and harming others in other ways is tamasic.

Medicine can also be in three gunas.

Sattvic medicine uses the right diet, healthy habits, prayers, loving attitude, and, if necessary, natural herbs and plants.

Rajasic medicine uses manmade drugs, surgery, and other aggressive methods.

Tamasic medicine uses means related to our lower functions and plants of tamasic quality.

An example of tamasic medicine is urine therapy. Here we need to observe two fundamental points of view: the materialistic and  spiritual one.

If we consider ourselves being only the body which lives ones, it doesn’t matter what we use to heal it. So we employ drugs containing alcohol, drugs that change our consciousness, and the waste products of our body.

If we consider ourselves being an immortal soul which temporary uses this body to act in the material  world and whose destination is to reunite with her Source, we would choose methods that promote such a liberation. Vedas teach that one takes step to the spiritual world only after reaching the Sattva guna. What good will it do, to heal the temporary gross body disrespecting the imperishable real us?

Why do Vedas mention the urine therapy?

The main Vedic principal is: Time, Place, and Situation. Yes, under certain circumstances one has no choice and in order to save the physical body uses for a short period of time a medicine of tamasic nature. Furthermore, tamasic people also need guidelines to get cured. In this case they still have a chance to progress to higher gunas after having healed the body.

Amaroli is how  Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi  (a part of Damar Tantra) calls the urine therapy.  Enthusiasts of this method readily quote these texts. Some have even gone so far as to quote the Bible.
Shivambu means water of Shiva. It is interesting to mention, that Lord Shiva is responsible for the tamasic, destroying aspect of the universe (Brahma is creative or rajasic, and Vishnu maintaining or sattvic).

Swami Satyananda Saraswati describes the amaroli practice as follows:

This is a technique of yoga which was first used in conjunction with many of the advanced practices. Yogis used amaroli because when meditation is practiced for long hours, the inner body temperature falls. Under such circumstances, the practice of amaroli maintains the digestive system. Meditation also has an effect on the cardiovascular system, and the blood pressure can drop suddenly. Amaroli safeguards against this.
Here again the principle of Time, Place, and Situation can be applied. Under certain circumstances urine can be used, without proclaiming it a panacea though.

Note also that yoga is not a synonym to a high spiritual path. Yoga is just any path and in order to reach different goals a yogi uses different techniques. Some yogis are looking for superhuman but still material qualities and act according to that desire.

Even if one doesn’t care about using liquid that comes out of the lower center of the body, he still needs to observe some rules:

1. Avoid all kind of protein.

2. Avoid alcohol, drugs, tea, and coffee.

One needs seven years to completely clean the body of all the above mentioned substances if you used to consume them. And it is a great possibility, that at the end of the seventh year of pure living you won’t need to drink urine to be healthy.

TODAY’S TIP: Cow urine is not considered tamasic in Ayurveda. Cows are believed to be given us from our protectors as healers. They produce five healing substances: milk, yogurt, ghee, urine, and dung. All of them are used by experienced Ayurvedic doctors to treat a variety of maladies.


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