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Kutee Praveshika and Vata thapika – miraculous rejuvenation practices

kuteeRasayana or rejuvenation therapy has been attracting people for thousands of years. Our true Self, the Soul is forever young, that’s why we cannot tolerate the aging of body.

Do not be mistaken by thinking that you need be old to start to rejuvenate yourself. It should be started at the beginning of youth to discover your true potential and be able to complete what you were born for.

Ayurveda has long traditions of regeneration of mind and body minutely described in classic texts.
Charaka Samhita mentions among others the following
benefits of rasayana: longevity, increase in memory, clarity of thought, good health, improvement of plasma and blood, sweetness of voice, enhancement in sense organs (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and skin) and improvement in fertility.

Before Rasayana treatment starts:

  • The body must be purified by Pancha Karma, the process of expelling of impurities accumulated in cells of even a healthy person (See Pancha Karma – five actions). Like dye cannot be properly absorbed in a dirty cloth, the treatment will have no effect on an impure body. This inner filth is called Ama, undigested food, emotions, impressions and information we took in from the outer world but were not able to process properly (see Ama- root of all diseases). The body must be clean and the digestion power strong to fully assimilate rasayana.
  • Patya karmas – diet and life style prescribed after Pancha Karma should be observed for successful rasayana. In general, there should be no sleep during daytime, no forcible suppression of natural urges (urine, bowel movements, cough, tears, and laughter), no long distance travel, staying up late, excessive exercise, talking, or sexual activity.

There are two main divisions in rasayana treatment: Kutee Praveshika and Vatathapika.

Vatathapika is rejuvenating therapy you employ while living your usual life with observing diet and routine prescribed after Pancha Karma. There are plenty of rasayana formulas such as Chyavanprash, Brahmi-, Amalaka-, Aindrarasayana and many others. The practitioner who provided Pancha Karma will choose one from ready forms or compose it just for your needs. Unlike purifying Ayurvedic medicines rasayanas as a rule have a pleasant taste.

Rasayana can be taken in small quantity for a prolonged period of time. For example, ½ teaspoon of Chayvanprash taken one time a day in the morning. Hold the jam under the tongue until dissolved, then have two sips of hot but not boiling milk. You also can take it on waxing Moon only when the absorption prevails in the nature and take a break on waning Moon.

Another possibility is to take the rasayana for a short period of time but in larger quantity. Quantity usually is equivalent to of one time meal. For example, starting with 100 gram slowly increase to 400 and then decrease to 100 again. This has to be done under supervision of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.

Kutee Praveshika is done in a special constructed hut (Kutee, or Kuti) without interference from the outer world. I have read about different amounts of time one should stay there, from 45 to 240 days; one modern publication was offering a Kutee Praveshika done in 10 days, which is surly not enough.

A kuti needs to be built in an elevated and clean spot free from dust and smoke, where pure water and air are available and good people are living in the neighborhood. It should be fashioned as a three in one house with one house inside another and so on with the inner part being comfortable and pleasant at any time irrespective of the changes of the weather and seasons. The experts for conducting the treatment must be of the same sex as the patient and sufficient medicine should be easily available.

On an astrologically auspicious day and time after having bath the patient should enter the kuti in a very peaceful frame of mind.

The main food for the patient is rasayana medicine according to his doctor’s prescription. If hungry he may have some other food like rice with milk, or milk.

The activities such as very gentle yoga asanas, meditation, chanting and overall reflection on one’s purpose will be rasayana for the mind.

The texts state that, after a fixed amount of days, hair, nails and teeth will fall. Then all these will grow again and the person will be transformed to a new look. He will be charming, intelligent, strong, understanding and courageous. All ailments and weaknesses will be relieved. After finishing the medicine, the patient remains in the hut for a while and then is slowly introduced to the daily life.

Some Indian clinics claim to provide this type of rasayana. An interested person should personally contact their previous patients and ask for documented results of this very complicated practice.

When I was in Kerala at an Ayurvedic center founded more than 100 years ago by legendary Namboodiri family I got to know the statement of Cheriya Narayan Namboodiri, who in his younger age has witnessed a Kutee Praveshika practice done by his grandfather and father. After the treatment, he remembers, the patient’s skin was shining like gold and his hair turned black. He added that some unexpected results were also there without specifying them.
Later he mentions that since that practice is so difficult to do in strictly accordance to the science, he believes that his grandfather was the last Ayurvedic practitioner who was able to do a Kutee Praveshika properly.

TODAY’S TIP: Rasayana is not turning into a super being but rather the process of transforming into complete being as it was meant for you by Creator.


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