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Twenty Five Duties a Soul Embodied as a Woman Should Fulfill

WomandutyNinety five percent of Vedic scriptures teach how to interact with the material world in order to progress and only five percent are about spirituality. The main principles we have to respect in our daily life are Desa, Kala, Patra, which mean Place, Time, Circumstances.

The time we live at is called Kali Yuga (Iron Age) and is characterized by the degradation of spirituality (See Kali Yuga- Age of Quarrel).

Our circumstances are defined by our previous lives, which are the reasons we are born in a specific country and family, with specific inclinations and abilities. All of this is very carefully designed to facilitate our progress (See Law of Karma).

Place means a human body and specific gender.

Below are the 25 duties a woman should complete to succeed in a female embodiment.

1. Creating a family.

2. Preserving the family.

3. Not fulfilling the duties of a man.

4. Organizing the household and doing all home duties.

5. Dressing fancier rather for home than for going out.

6. Being faithful to her husband not only physically but also in her deeds and thoughts.

7. Becoming the husband’s best friend.

8. Being beautiful and attractive for her husband.

9. Inspiring her husband.

10. Eating sweets.

11. Wearing jewelry.

12. Enjoying wearing beautiful cloths.

13. Wearing long skirts.

14. Always being emotionally close to her husband, not being reserved.

15. Respecting her husband.

16. Honoring, admiring and praising her husband.

17. Not giving him advice unless being asked for.

18. Submitting to her husband.

19. Being able to control her emotions.

20. Being patient.

21. Speaking with a soft and loving voice.

22. Being sympathetic and tactful.

23. Partaking in bringing up children.

24. Being devoted to her husband, fulfilling her duties with love.

25. Having a positive influence on her man.

TODAY’S TIP: This is an ideal we all should keep in our minds. Vedas say that every partner should do his or her part without waiting for the other to fulfill his/her duties first. See also Twenty Five Duties of a Man.


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