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Twenty Five Duties a Soul Embodied as a Man Should Fulfill

man-1A soul has no gender and possesses two main desires:  to love and to evolve. If the desire to love prevails, the soul gets a female body, and if the longing for evolution is bigger, it is embodied as a man. (See also Twenty Five Duties of a Woman).

The fastest way for liberation from the cycle of births and deaths for a man is to be a monk. In the age of Kali, however, only very few persons are free from the interest in the opposite sex (See Kali Yuga – Age of Quarrel). If a man is not able to lead a serene life without a woman he has to accept the responsibility for one woman and live as a married head of a household. Both paths are equally valued in respect to spiritual progress if one is following his Dharma (mission in a concrete embodiment).

Here are the duties a man should fulfill when living as a householder (in grihastha ashram).

  • Be a leader in the man-woman relationship.
  • Establish the outer connections of the family.
  • Expand the family space, build a home.
  • Provide money.
  • Define his inborn nature as one of the following: an intellectual, leader, merchant, or worker (See Vedic Varnas)
  • Find an occupation according to this nature.
  • Allow his wife to inspire him.
  • Always keep his word.
  • Respect and honor his wife.
  • Protect his wife.
  • Unconditionally accept his wife as a whole and not criticize her.
  • Not talk over his wife with others.
  • Be responsible for spiritual growth in the family.
  • Be responsible for high morality of the family.
  • Be responsible for physical education in the family.
  • Be at the head in upbringing of children.
  • Set up the principles of the family life and its goals.
  • Establish the spheres of influence in the family distinguishing the wife’s and husband’s responsibilities.
  • Be an earnest person.
  • Be respected in the society.
  • Understand the changeable nature of woman.
  • Give his wife jewelry, fancy clothes, and sweets.
  • Love his wife and make her feel it.
  • Eat grains.
  • Treat his wife’s parents and other relatives even more respectfully than his own.

TODAY’S TIP: Other than his wife representatives of the opposite sex should be seen as daughters (if younger than a man) or mothers (if older) and accordingly treated.


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