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Mantra for One who is Sulking or Feels Offended

Feel offended?
Print the mantra below and read it aloud in front of the mirror.

I am an important peacock, who cannot allow others to act accordingly to their nature, if I do not like it.

I am such a grand peacock that if someone said or did not, as I expected – I will chasten them with my anger.

Oh, they must see how important my resentment is; let them receive it as a punishment for their misconduct. After all, I am a very, very important peacock!

My life has no value to me. I value my life so little that I do not mind spending time on feeling displeased.

I give up the moments of joy, moments of happiness, moments of playfulness; I prefer to spend these precious moments in grievance.

peacockI do not care that these moments add up to hours, hours – in days, days – in the weeks, and weeks – in the months, and months – in the years. I do not mind spending years of my life feeling offended – because I do not appreciate my life.

I cannot see myself impartially. I am very vulnerable. I am so vulnerable that I am forced to protect my territory and respond with insult to anyone who dares to step on it.

I am going to put on my forehead the sign “Beware of Dog” and just let others try not to notice it!

I am so poor, I cannot find a drop of generosity – to forgive, a drop of self-irony – to laugh, a drop of liberality – not to notice, a drop of wisdom – not to hang on, a drop of love – to accept.

 After all, I am a very, very important peacock!

peacockbehindTODAY’S TIP: If you still feel very important remember how a peacock looks from behind. Beneath pomposity and glory, there is a bare behind.


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