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Obtaining and Losing Subtle Energy

pic6According to Ayurveda, one’s spiritual progress manifests itself in two ways:

1. One’s happiness increases constantly.

2. Relationships with others improve.

People in this condition are a fountain of energy, nourishing themselves and the others.

Vice versa, when we are focused on material desires, it is increasingly difficult to maintain even the minimum level of contentment.  Such excessive straining drains our physical, mental, and emotional energy, resulting in fatigue and depression.

Lack of energy is the first sign of impending misfortune and/or disease.

Ayurveda teaches how to obtain subtle energy from natural sources and how to prevent its loss.

We obtain subtle energy when we:

– Fast (See Ayurveda on Fasting),

– Do breathing exercises (pranayama),

– Seclude ourselves,

– Practice silence,

– Spend time by the sea, in the mountains, or in the forest, and enjoy the beauty of nature,

– Selflessly engage ourselves in creativity,

– Praise other people for their good qualities and deeds,

– Laugh or smile from the heart,

– Unselfishly help anybody,

– Show modesty,

– Pray before meals,

– Eat foods full of prana (vital energy) such as whole grains, cereals, ghee (clarified butter), honey, fruits, vegetables (See How food affects our mind),

– Go to bed at 9 or 10 pm.

– Get a good massage session from a harmonious personality or self-massage. A person of the same sex (excluding spouses) should give the massage.

– Take a cool shower including the head, especially in the morning. The most powerful effect is when one stands barefoot on the ground.

– Donate our time or money,

– See the divine will in everything.

We lose energy when we:

– Are depressed or dissatisfied with our fate, regret the past and fear the future,

– Pursue selfish goals,

– Conduct aimless existence,

– Feel offended (See Mantra for One Who feels Offended),

– Overeat,

– Are not able to control our mind and concentrate,

– Eat fried or old food, food cooked by a person experiencing anger or other negative emotions,

 – Use a microwave oven, foods containing preservatives, chemical additives and fertilizers,

– Eat food devoid of prana – coffee, black tea, white sugar, white flour, meat, alcohol,

– Eat in a hurry and on the go,

– Smoke,

– Practice idle talking, especially if we criticize others (See Prajalpa),

– Breath improperly, for example too frequent or too deep,

– Are exposed to direct sun from 12 to 4 pm, especially in the desert,

– Have excessive sex, sex without desire, or without love for the partner,

– Sleep too much or too little,

 – Sleep after 7 am,

–  Overstrain our mind and body,

– Are greedy.

Everything in the material world consists of the five primordial elements (principles): earth, water, fire, air, and ether. We can replenish these elements from natural sources by the following actions:

  1. The earth element: eating natural food, living in nature, beholding trees, flowers and other beautiful things, walking barefoot on the ground. This will help our immune system restore itself quickly.
  2. The element of water: drinking pure water from wells or streams. Swimming in a river or the sea. Avoiding drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol See also What and how much should I drink).
  3. The element of fire: being under the sun at the proper time and consuming food containing sunlight (fruit and vegetables).
  4. The element of air: breathing clean air, especially in the mountains, in the forests, and on the beach. Avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke, and being in crowded places.
  5. The element of ether: cultivating positive thinking, kindness and detachment.

TODAY’S TIP: Vedas state that cities with population more than 50,000 drain us of our energy. If you “have to” live there, remember that temples, monasteries, and churches are sources of life energy even in metropolises.


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