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Five Types of Diseases

Get wellAyurveda classifies all diseases into five types:

  1. Teachers

These diseases occur when a person turns off from their evolutionary path into the so-called “dead-end corridor”.  They stem from our imperfections and evil habits and thoughts. In terms of the evolution of consciousness, these diseases stop us, so we do not go in the direction of degradation. Up to 70 percent of all diseases refers precisely to this type.

After understanding the lesson that the disease is teaching and changing our patterns accordingly, it can be cured.

  1. Friends

Such diseases are meant to protect the body from a greater danger than the actual illness. For example, eczema and psoriasis may protect people from much worse disease like asthma or even liver cirrhosis.

Another well-known fact is that if a person with epilepsy develops varicose veins the manifestation of seizures might completely disappear or become less severe.

Such “friendly” diseases occur much less frequently and require proper evaluation by a doctor; their treatment must be quite different from ordinary cases.

  1. Helpers

Get well2Numerous viruses or other types of infections, as well as some physical factors such as geomagnetic influence operate as strengthening and tuning factors. Our body goes through a certain training to be ready to overcome more severe illnesses. “Helpers” usually go away without treatment and do not cause great anxiety.

  1. Conductors

These diseases occur just before death. They can last from several days to several years. They are not necessarily serious illnesses, but somehow cannot be cured in spite of all efforts.

“Conductors” stop our “biological clock.” Ayurveda calls this condition depletion of the Ojas. These diseases provide our departure from the material world. They are 10-15 percent of all cases.

  1. Enemies

Such diseases arise solely from external causes, such as exposure to ionizing radiation, severe hypothermia, consuming of toxic substances (alcohol, tobacco, or drugs), or intrusion of carcinogens from the air, water, food.  These diseases occur in 5-10 percent of all cases.

TODAY’S TIP: Ojas means vigor or stability. It provides us with physical and mental endurance and is the source of immunity and strength. See:  Obtaining and Losing Subtle Energy


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