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Muhurta  –  Auspicious Time to Start Things

Vedic astrology (Jotish) is a part of Vedic knowledge that describes practical employment of Vedic philosophy.

The main subject that Jotish studies is Time as a manifestation of the Highest Will.

Muhurta is a selection of the best moment (the best date and time) for the commencement of any important action. It helps use the influence of planets and other astrological factors in favorable way to eliminate the adverse impact and make the result of the work the most rewarding. It helps counteract the obstacles in the natal chart and synchronize the actions of a person, the influence of astrological factors and the planned event.

The starting time ( birth, formation of a company, a wedding ceremony, moving to a new house, starting constructions, starting a new business, buying a vehicle, a new job, starting ventures, starting new investments, starting education, long journeys, surgeries, and so on) is the most important factor because it will form the future horoscope. The future of a man and an event depend on the time in which they were born. Even though we cannot control the time of our birth, it is in our power to start other matters and actions at the right time.

That is what the science of Muhurta is used for. If the start time is favorable, then the result of the action will be very effective and will coincide with the intention.

Muhurta also means a unit of time equal to two Ghati (48 minutes).


Below are some general recommendations on auspicious moments of time:

  1. Do not start important things on a Saturday or Tuesday. It is very inauspicious to get married, or start a new business on these days.
    Saturday is the day of Saturn, the planet of delay, difficulties, and severe retribution of karma. This day is favorable for meditation, seclusion, or penance for spiritual purposes.
    To win Saturn’s mercy one can practice Saturday fast and/or vow of silence (mauna). Fasting should be done consciously, taking in consideration one’s state of health. The conscious decision to sacrifice even a little supersedes the duration and severity of the fast. See also Ayurveda on Fasting.
    Tuesday is the day of Mars, the planet of war, conflicts, quarrels, and decisive action. This time is good for playing sports, hard physical work, or starting a business that require competition and aggression.
  1. Full Moon is a good time for worldly affairs; however, one needs to be cautious. Statistically, a lot of crimes and traffic accidents occur at this time. The human mind becomes less stable, which results in aggravation of mental disorders. Complex surgeries should not be assigned to the full moon either.
    The last day of the waning moon is the right time for enhanced meditation.
  2. Any creative action is best begun during the waxing Moon, while the waning Moon works best for cleansing and demolishing actions.
  3. The most favorable time to start important things during the day is Abhijit Muhurta. It is an astrological middle of the day, and is easy to calculate if we know the time of sunrise and sunset. Simply count the number of hours between sunrise and sunset and divide that number by two. The resulting amount added to the sunrise will be the start of Abhijit Muhurta.
  4. The most favorable time throughout the year is Akshay tritium. It happens once a year, when both the Sun and the Moon are in exaltation. Usually, it occurs in the middle of spring, when the Sun is in Aries and the Moon enters Taurus.
  5. A long trip is best to start on Friday, while Monday is the perfect day for short trips.
  6. The most favorable time for spiritual practice is Brahma Muhurta, lasting about 48 minutes before sunrise. At this time, it is best to meditate, pray, or study the Holy Scriptures.
  7. Any eclipse is a very unfavorable time to start anything. At this time, it is best to retire and indulge in spiritual practices. Vedic astrology advises against watching the eclipse, sleeping, or being outside in the darkening rays of the Sun. (See also Dos and Don’ts during an Eclipse)
  8. Surya Sankranti is another unfavorable time, a period when the Sun transmigrates from one sign to another. It usually occurs in the middle of a month.
  9. For a wedding: Uttarayana (first half of the year, when the Sun moves its way north from Capricorn to Gemini) is best; Dakshinayana (second half of the year, when the Sun moves south through from Cancer to Capricorn) is not as good.
  10. Travel:

Do not travel:

To the East – on Monday and Saturday
West – on Sunday and Friday
South – on Thursday
North – on Wednesday and Tuesday

Very good to travel:
To the East – on Tuesday
West – on Wednesday and Thursday
North – on Friday and Sunday
South- on Saturday

Choosing an auspicious time is not a panacea for everything but only one factor. It is absolutely necessary that seeds are planted at the right time; it is not sufficient to produce a good harvest though. Other factors are also necessary: sufficient rain, cultivation, fertilization, soil type, etc. So, while choosing an auspicious time is a necessary condition it is not a sufficient clause to ensure success. Bhagavad Gita (Vedic Holy Scripture) says: “Success is determined by three things: concentration of mind, determined effort, and the will of God”. Therefore, out of three factors two are dependent on us, and one on God. Thus, choosing an auspicious time comes under “determined effort” and we then depend on God for the result.

TODAY’S TIP: If your life has become too heavy, the feeling of sadness and hopelessness become a common condition, you work a lot with no return; there is a chance that Saturn has begun to affect you. It would be very beneficial to apply the correction means to soften the influence of this planet. For example, assume some austerity on Saturdays (vow of silence, fasting, helping people in need, contribution of work, time or money etc.). Among the methods of correction, the Vedas mention also to bury iron, or feed black crows on Saturdays, as a sacrifice to Saturn.

What Saturn is really expecting from us is a deep personal transformation, internal changes, the development of such qualities as humility, diligence, laconism and brevity, seriousness, responsibility and austerity.


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