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Champi Head Massage

barberDuring the time of the British Empire, Englishmen used the services of Indian street hairdressers. Тhis was the first acquaintance of the Western world with Ayurvedic techniques. Along with hair-styling, clients received a pleasant scalp massage with a large amount of oil. This is called Champi head massage: a masseuse works on the energy points of the head, face, and shoulders, relieving fatigue and stress and taking away the pain from the muscles.

For ages, Indian women have been performing this massage on their elderly family members, children and husbands. It improves memory, lowers blood pressure, and eases fears, anxiety, apathy, attention deficiency, hair loss, and dandruff. Ayurvedic oils are selected individually, depending on the nature of the person.

The Champi massage affects the body and the soul, filling them with energy. It also relieves muscle spasms in the shoulders that arise from a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged use of the computer.

During the session, the masseuse presses on several points, activating specific energy channels and acting on all bodily systems. To this day, an Indian street barber can be observed energetically massaging his client. The traditional Indian technique involves vigorous tapping on the head to activate blood-flow. The patient sits on a chair while their shoulders, arms, neck, and head are drummed forcefully. It may look almost like walloping. The customer does not mind, though. In the Western version of Ciampi the pressure is quite gentle and soft.

Benefits of the Champi massage:

Improves blood and lymph circulation;

Provides oxygen to tissues

Eliminates toxins;

Eliminates symptoms of anxiety and depression;

Eliminates headaches of various origins;

Reduces muscle tension;

Helps with pain in the shoulders and spine;

Removes mental and physical stress;

Energizes the body and mind;

Helps in the treatment of minor sinus inflammations;

Improves vision;

Improves the ability to concentrate;

Strengthens the hair roots.

Champi massage technique:
The technique includes impact on the face, head, neck, and shoulders, with elements of soft facial lymphatic drainage and stimulation of the acupuncture points. In this manner, any swelling and puffiness of the face is eliminated, and a lifting effect is achieved. The main methods are pressing, compression, and rotation.

Step 1: Balancing the Chakras. The body’s energy channels are activated by pressing on important acupuncture points. As a result, the internal energy balance is achieved and self-healing is promoted.

Step 2: Fatigue relief. The shoulders, neck, and upper back are massaged using methods aimed at general relaxation.

Step 3. Actual scalp massage. This is the longest stage of the Champi, taking about an hour. The massage applies many techniques aimed at releasing inner tension and improve circulation. Particular attention is paid to the temples in order to relieve the pain in the head and eye fatigue. The masseuse sequentially moves along the body’s energy lines.

Step 4. Rest. After the massage is finished, the patient must sit for another 15 minutes.

During the Champi massage, the body’s energy circulates in such a way as to cleanse the subtle channels. This is achieved through a successive massaging of the shoulders, neck, scalp, face, and ears.

The impact of this massage is long lasting and deep due to aromatic oils, which have a unique ability to heal the mind and nervous system. The oil is rubbed in along the energy channels throughout the upper body.

Contraindications: One should refrain from the Champi massage in case of extended or pronounced veins on the face, skin diseases, and in the recovery period after a surgery.

TODAY’S TIP: After the massage, it is desirable to leave the oil in the hair as long as possible in order to enhance its effect. An added benefit is the feeling of peace brought on by the oils’ pleasant aroma.


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