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Food List for the Kapha Person — 4 Comments

  1. I would like to clarify with you about beverages to eliminate from the body, it says milk, but I’ve read in other areas of this website that milk is highly valued in an ayurvedic diet. Can you please inform me a little more about the milk I should be eliminating, and the milk that I should highly value? thank you..

  2. Hi Mathius,
    Thank you for your comment.
    It is true, that Kapha has to be careful with Kapha-forming food. Milk is
    Kapha aggravating for the physical body when drunk at wrong time, with
    wrong spices and at wrong temperature. So Kapha constitution should drink
    it warm, with turmeric or other spices from the list and between 6 pm and
    6 am.
    But milk is valuable for all body types because of it’s ability to purify
    the subtle body, and specifically the intellect (budhi in Sanskrit). Budhi
    is responsible for discrimination and the ability to make right choices.
    That’s why even a teaspoon of hot (warm for Kapha) milk before sleep can
    not be underestimated.
    You can read more about adjusting food for your dosha in my recent article
    “How to adjust food for your dosha”.
    Stay well, and thank you again for your comment.

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