My bone structure is Slim, slight, prominent
Thick, solid, heavy
My height is Above or below average
Average or tall
My hair is Dry, thin, curly, coarse, frizzy, wiry, scanty, dark
Moderate, fine, golden or reddish, prematurely grey or balding
Thick, oily, abundant, wavy, dark or light
The pores on my face appear Small and fine
Large on T-zone, small and fine elsewhere
Large and open
My weight is Below average, hard to gain weight
Medium, able to lose or gain weight
Above average, I easily gain weight
My veins are Prominent
Evenly over my body
Not visible
My hands are Small, dry, cool, with small, long fingers
Medium sized, moist, warm, pink
Large, firm, cool, oily
My perspiration is Scanty with no smell
Profuse and hot with strong smell
Moderate and cold with pleasant smell
My endurance is Quick to start with poor endurance
Well managed with average strength. Intolerant of heat
Slow to start but strong and long lasting once I do
My appetite is Irregular, with skipped meals
Strong, must eat, regular meals
Constant, but can skip a meal
I dislike weather which is Cold, windy, dry
Hot, with strong sun
Cool and damp
My memory is Quick to remember – and to forget
Average, clear, distinct
Long term memory is best
I dream about Activity, frightening things, flying, running
Anger, fire, violence, passion, the sun
Water, clouds, relationships, romance, snow
The pace of my activity is Fast
Medium speed, intense
Slow, steady
My spending pattern Earn and spend quickly
Spend on specific goals
Hold on to what I earn
My thinking style is Quick, restless
Organized, efficient, accurate
Slow, methodical, exacting
I love Traveling, art, esoteric subjects, plays, jokes
Competitive sports, politics, hunting, research
Water, sailing, flowers, good food, business ventures




AYURVEDIC DOSHA TEST determines your mind and body type. It will help you to understand yourself so much better, learn about strong and weak aspects of your personality. After finishing the chart you’ll know your predominant dosha, which gives you a key to balance it and live happier and healthier life.

Check multiple responses to each statement if more than one is applicable; leave the question blank if no choices apply. When you are finished, click on “Calculate“.

According to Ayurveda diseases are the result of the deviation between your natural constitution and the situation right now. Main goal is to restore the balance and to live a life that suits your constitution or type. After calculating what type you are look for tips for the life style and food that suit you according to your dosha.
See daily routine to balance your dosha.

Filling out the quiz twice you can determine the difference between your ideal state –Prakruti – and your current state – Vikruti – and create a program to restore the balance. First base your choices on what is most consistent over a long period of your life and it’ll be your Prakruti. Then fill it out considering how you have been feeling recently in the last month or two and you’ll have your Vikruti.
If your Prakruti and Vikruti are about the same then you will choose the diet and daily routine for your strongest dosha (the one you gained the most points for in Dosha chart). If your Vikruti shows more points for certain dosha than your Prakruti, you should go for diet and daily routine for pacify the aggravated dosha. (See diet and daily routine for Vata, Pitta and Kapha; Seasons and your dosha; Prakruti)

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