Hello and Welcome! This site is about Ayurveda, the science of life. It really changed my life and I am glad to share my experience with you. My name is Larisa. I live in  California with my daughters, who are my best friends and strongest supporters.

I have a masters degree in pedagogy and used to work in the educational sphere. But the passion of my life is searching for harmony. This includes physical health, emotional stability, and nourishing relationships with other people and nature. I have been practicing a holistic approach to my health and lifestyle for more than 25 years and have tried many different systems to be happy and healthy. The wholeness was still missing.

Only after discovering  Ayurveda  that piece of the puzzle was found:  every individual has his or her own unique constitution (dosha) which interacts with energy of everything else (food, herbs, plants, animals, seasons, time of the day, climate, work life, age, emotional state, etc.) The secret of harmony is not to wrestle with that fact but take advantage of this ancient knowledge.

Ayurveda is a fully developed and theoretically articulated medical system which has  proven itself effective for more than 3,000 years. At the same time it is so practical that it just entered my life and lives of members of my family, my friends’ and the friends’ of my friends. I have to admit that it is time consuming but at the same time it is fun, inexpensive, safe, and…..it works!

I am pleased to invite you to discover your true nature and ways to live in harmony with yourself and all you interact with.

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