Aerobic Oxygen – the Holistic Alternative to Antibiotics.

Aerobic Oxygen – the Holistic Alternative to Antibiotics.

Aerobic Oxygen is Stabilized Negative Ions of Oxygen in a Liquid, Non – Toxic Form.
It is well known that Oxygen is a healer, a cleanser, and a source of energy to every cell in our body.  The difficulty has been to harness it in a form that would be stable and non – toxic. Such a process has been discovered, developed, and used for over 25 years in the formulation of Aerobic Oxygen™.
Aerobic Oxygen 60ml $22.95

Aerobic Oxygen is completely natural, pH balanced, totally non – toxic and safe to use internally and externally. It may be used orally (under the tongue) as well as added to water to create liquid oxygen.

Where to use the Aerobic Oxygen?

Oral care. Place 2 – 3 drops on your toothbrush to inhibit bacteria when brushing your teeth or to sterilize the brush afterwards.

Water purifying. It removes chlorine and infectious bacteria from drinking water.

Immunity. It empowers the immune system and sustains health and vitality.

Respiratory problems. Twenty drops of Aerobic Oxygen in a glass of water three times daily is beneficial in treating a sore throat, bronchial infection, emphysema, chronic sinus infection, and other respiratory problems.

Infections. Viral or bacterial infections including common colds, ulcers and kidney infections were reversed by the use of Aerobic Oxygen.

Candida, yeast, fungi – 20 drops of Aerobic Oxygen in Aloe Vera three times a day clears up Candida, yeast, or fungal infections.

Dental care. Some dentists inject a 30% Aerobic Oxygen plus 70% saline solution into infected gums in place of surgery. They also use it full strength after drilling and before filling to prevent infection.

Plants. Adding 10 drops of Aerobic Oxygen to a vase of flowers. It will sustain your flowers for up to two weeks longer.

What makes Aerobic Oxygen™ unique among the other Oxygen products on the market today?

-The ability to harness the powerful benefits of oxygen.
The Good For You Canada Corp discovered the way to stabilize the oxygen molecules in Aerobic Oxygen. Many other companies have tried, however no one has succeeded in duplicating the process that stabilizes the oxygen molecules in the same manner as found in the Aerobic Oxygen.
-Aerobic Oxygen has a history of over 30 years with no contradictions and no toxic side effects.  No other product has this type of history.
-Stabilized oxygen lasts for 6 – 8 hours, while non stabilized oxygen has a positive effect for 2 – 3 hours.
- Unlike drugs and antibiotics, oxygen rids the body of harmful bacteria without destroying beneficial bacteria.

How does it work?
Aerobic Oxygen™ Is a liquid concentrate of non – toxic, stabilized electrolytes of oxygen in molecular form. Upon taking Aerobic Oxygen, the digestive enzymes and acids within the stomach release the oxygen molecules into the entire body.
It is not hydrogen peroxide. Its key components are active oxygen attached to sodium chloride in a special molecular form. The amount of sodium chloride is minimal and in a bound form, thus it should not pose any health problems.

Purified ionized water. Sodium Chloride 17.6 mcg per serving. Stabilized Oxygen molecules.

How to use:
Note: Product should not be used to replace conventional medical diagnosis, treatment, care, and medication where necessary.

Suggested Dosage :
Adults: 20 drops 3 x per day (the label dosage)
Children under age 12: 10 drops 3 x per day
Children under 5: 5 drops 3 x per day
Children under 2: Use under supervision of your practitioner.

Do not place directly on skin or clothes. Keep out of reach of children.

Are there any side effects?
Aerobic Oxygen has a history of over 30 years with no contradictions or toxic side effects. A small percentage of people might develop a mild and temporary loosening of the bowels. If that occurs, just reduce the dosage in half until the symptoms disappear.

Extract from the article “History of Oxygen Therapies” by Suzanne Hotston which first appeared in Positive Health Magazine.

A pioneer of the use of Aerobic Oxygen in the UK is homoeopath Gordon Steward LCH, RSHom, who has used it in his practice for over two years for a variety of medical conditions. One which is on the increase is Candida albicans. Gordon says that this is partly due to poor eating habits and he is tough on patients’ diets, correcting them in order to deprive the Candida of its food source. “I totally ban fermented items such as wine and vinegar, plus yeast, sugar, mushrooms and other fungi and aim to strengthen the immune system. Even so, when Candida has gained a stronghold, treatment has generally been painfully slow. However, by using Aerobic Oxygen, all the Candida cases I have treated have been free of the disease within three to five months. I use a very low dose to start with, gradually increasing it, in order to avoid uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification, such as stomach cramps, which occur as the Candida dies.”
Lin Clarke of The Allergy Clinic in Horley, Surrey, is a Complementary Medical Practitioner specializing in Allergy and Nutritional Medicine. Says Lin, “I look for the reason that triggered the symptom in the first place, whether it be ulceration, inflammation, bleeding or diarrhea and find that a fungal form of gut yeast is found in 60-70% of patients, as well as gut parasites in approximately 30%.” In every one of Lin’s patients “low levels of gut/cellular oxygen accompany the recorded levels of the presence of fungus, parasites, viruses and adverse bacteria.” Like Gordon Steward, Lin Clarke also corrects patients’ diets, although she allows wine in moderation, but not beer. Since adding doses of Aerobic Oxygen to her standard treatment “subsequent levels of recorded gut oxygen have raised, many reaching a recognized benchmark in as little as 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of the symptoms.” Lin discovered that not only did her patients’ oxygen levels rise, but trace elements, vitamins and minerals, which were recorded as low at the start of the treatment, rose favorably without the addition of supplements, indicating that the addition of Aerobic Oxygen has improved the absorption of essential nutrients from the average daily diet.
Aerobic Oxygen, although fairly new in the UK has been used in Canada, South America and the United States for some time. The Author became aware of Aerobic Oxygen during a conversation with a sufferer of arteriosclerosis, who claimed the product, which her homoeopath had recommended to her, had saved her life. Previously, the patient’s specialist had treated her with injections of hydrogen peroxide. It is interesting to note that if red cells clump, 20-30 drops of Aerobic Oxygen in water will separate them after one hour. Suzanne was interested to see what effect the product would have on her own blood as she had needed iron supplements for eight years to treat a hemoglobin level that at its lowest had dropped to 6.9. During this time no cause had been found for the iron-deficient anemia other than a failure to absorb iron from the diet. After three months without iron supplements, but taking Aerobic Oxygen, Suzanne’s hemoglobin level was 13.8.

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