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Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes a Man Healthy Wealthy and Wise? — 5 Comments

  1. From Ayurvedic point of view ” larks” and “owls” types are made. There is only one life style : in tune with nature, which means get up with sunrise and go to bed with sunset.

  2. I agree that it’s better to get up early. I’m a typical owl. I would normally work till 2 a.m., sometimes even 5a.m., and would sleep till 10a.m. My mom is the same way too. But because of that I was constantly tired, I would fall asleep on the bus or subway, could easily sleep through alarm or important meeting, never had enough energy to go to the gym or do something active. My whole lifestyle was affected by that. Finally, my friends advised me to go to sleep around 10 and get up between 5 and 7am. As a result, now I feel better, I don’t fall asleep everywhere, I go to the gym with pleasure and excitement 4-6 days a week, I am in a better shape physically and emotionally! Larisa has a good point! You should try!

  3. Totally agree!!! Actually I use my morning hours (between 6 and 8 a.m.) for health care (some cardio training, or gym and swimming). Its make me feel full of energy all day long.

  4. My life observation about people who go sleep after 1am is that they are
    NOT “active style” type. Usually humanitarians, not technical and they are definitely missed the best part of their day (of course if you live in sunny places).

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