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  1. Hi Larisa,

    Based upon your website and other sources it was always my understanding
    that knowing one’s dosha constitution is important, that this knowledge is
    easy to acquire from an Ayurvedic doctor, and that the concept of Prakruti
    is Indian(from India). But recently I came across the website of an
    Ayurvedic doctor practicing in California(Vaidya Bharti Trivedi) who
    apparently doesn’t agree with this. I have sent you her comments
    concerning Prakruti. Do you happen to know why it is she doesn’t agree?

    22. I am wondering about my prakriti, my specific Ayurvedic type. Am I
    a Kapha, Pitta or Vata? Will you tell me more about this?

    Answer: Prakriti is actually an American concept. It is not a real thing,
    and it is not important. The important thing is not a person’s nature,
    temperament and particular features. The important thing is “What is your
    problem?” If you are feeling very well, you will never even go to a
    So, what is the problem that has brought you to see a doctor at all? What
    is the cause of that problem? How to balance that problem is more
    than knowing what your prakriti is.

    Prakriti is the nature of the body, but it has nothing to do with the real
    problem. From a medical standpoint, what is happening now is more
    than “Who am I?” That is a very different thing. That you deal with on a
    physical, emotional and spiritual level when you do panchakarma. When
    five weeks of internal cleansing are done, then you know who you are on a
    very deep level. A lot of fear and other issues, like suppressed greed,
    come up during panchakarma. You cannot deal with who you really are until
    after that process. When it is over, you are able to deal with these
    things. Then there is real balance.

    So, because it is not very easy to know prakriti, it is better not to
    on that term. Prakriti is very difficult to truly know.

  2. Hi,Steve,
    I totally disagree with Dr. Trivedi.
    Ayurveda is not concentrating on one’s particular problem at all. Knowing
    your prakriti (your ideal individual balance, which is inborn) a doctor
    can improve not only the health problems that already have manifested on
    the physical level, but also ones, that haven’t shown yet. Removing the
    imbalance improves the overall health.

    I value Pancha Karma a lot; Pancha Karma MUST be done according to your
    vikriti (your current condition), but the goal is – to restore one’s
    prakriti. How can we do it without knowing it?

    And the last thing: “Prakriti is very difficult to truly know”. This is
    not true at all! Praktiti is imprinted in our horoscope. The position of
    the 9 Planets in 12 houses of our birth chart gives an exact percentage
    of Vata, Pitta and Kapha you have been born with and which are the best
    for you. Nothing misterious, just math. This is very easy to find out just
    knowing the day and place of birth. There are plenty of websites that give
    you the birth chart for free. The future interpretation of your destiny
    needs a lot of knowledge, but position of the planets is given and
    invariable. That allows us to know our Dosha-passport, we came to this
    world with. And this is interesting to know, that exactly this
    constitution and body type allow us to fulfil our mission for this life.
    For example Sun in Virgo means 5 points for Vata, Venus in Leo – 3 for
    Pitta and so on. I am talking here about Vedic astrology (Jotish).

    Other Ayurvedic doctors find out prakriti when analizing questionnaire,
    when patient answers the same question twice: first, what is true for the
    current moment, and when how it was / is the most part of one’s life.
    Some other can identify prakriti by pulse.
    But all of Ayurvedic professionals can see your prakriti just looking at
    you, and listening to how you talk and what you are saying.
    Thanks for an awesome question.I might pubsish our dialogue in my blog. 🙂

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