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  1. Dear sir
    Last 5 month iam suffering from spermatorrhea problem lam very upset what should i do now plz send me if any treatment like yoga ashan,Ayurvedic medicine etc. Plz help me

    • Herbs are only 1/3 of what you need to gain weight. You should start with the proper diet and lifestyle.
      Ashwagandha is a specific herb for weight gaining. It gives deep nourishment to the tissues.
      Shatavari calms down the mind and in this way promotes better digestion.
      Chyavanprash is traditionally used for balancing weight. It kindles the digestive fire and strengthens the immune system.

  2. Hi Mit,
    I do not think it is a good idea to take them at the same time.
    Take one herb for at least a month and if it does not work, try the other remedy.
    Remember, that diet and life style are very important as well.

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