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  1. Hi, Paul,
    No, iodized salt isn’t good for jala neti. Ayurveda belives that we should use only natural salt without artificial added components. No matter how good the new combination seems to be, our body doesn’t recognize this new item as food and eleminates it through excretoty organs. In this case simple is better.

  2. Hi,everyone! I am new at this website and love it already. I do nasal cleaning with nati pot about 2 years. I like it, it helps me a lot. I use to have several colds and flu during a year and since I started using nati pot every morning I have none. Indeed, it cleans your sinus and your mind and get you ready for the day. Also right after nasal cleaning I do three exercises which I’ve found in the instruction for nati pot. It helps as well.

  3. Thanks,Nadia.
    Are the exercises you do for getting exess water out of your nose or for something else? I do lateral bends to clean the nose after the use of neti pot .

    • I do forward Bending and Alternate Toe touching after nasal wash. I think we are talking about the same things.
      I have a Q for you. Tell me, please, about Ghee oil /butter/. I am trying to loose weight and another concern about cholesterol. I like coconut oil. Is it OK to use both of them? Thank you

  4. Ghee (clarified butter) is the oil of butter that increases enzyme production in the body so the food is digested easily. Actually Ghee is sucsessfully used in weight loss plan. It doesn’t clog the liver, as do other oils and fats, but strengthens it.. One tablespoon Ghee a day will help to lose 2 or 3 pounds a month. More is not nesessrely better, 1Tbsp is enough.
    Coconat oil is cooling so it is good for Pitta,OK for Vata and not that good for Kapha. Whatever Dosha you are a small amount of it is OK.
    Good luck.

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