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  1. Sir, I am suffering with tinnitus for the last some months. I am having bp, sugar and thyroid, for which I am taking medicine for the last many years. I am 75. I take raw bendhi (ladies fingers) water soaked in water overnight for the last one month. Fenugreek water boiled and taken. I take lunch at 10.30-11.00 and dinner at 7.00-7.39. In between I am taking bread, milk, fruits,juice of raw leaves with one tomato. I used to take karela (bitter gourd) +cucumbar+tomato juice. Now I stoppde it. For the last one days I am taking Sarivadi Vati of Baba Ramdev. But the tinnitus is not coming down. Moreover I am loss of hearing and memory loss. For constipation, I am taking triphala choornam 1/2 tsp at bed time with lukewarm water.
    Please help me with a suitable solution to the above problems. Wait for you respected reply.
    With best wishes, God Bless.

  2. Hi sir, I have pitta body type and a very weak digestion. I can eat a lot of cooked food without much problem. I know carrots are good for glowing skin. It has always worked for me. As long as I take cooked carrots with milk I am fine. But the problem is with raw carrot juice. Whenever I go for it, it upsets my digestion in such a way that I need at least a month to get back to normal state. I always listen to what my body says. But I still feel that raw carrot juice works better for blood purification. And some of my friends who are pitta type just like me drink it everyday and they are just fine. Or may be I should solely fast on some raw carrot juice and avoid all other foods to let my stomach digest it. Waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

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