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  1. Mam what about buffalo milk. In our area only buffalo milk is available so what to do then. And also how to make buffalo milk lead fatty. Or I should go with terra packed via milk.

  2. I suggest that you have buffalo milk for your body and a little bit of tetra packed cow milk for your subtle body, to awake sattvic qualities of your personality. Have half a cup of hot cow milk with a bit of jaggery before bed, and buffalo milk during the day. You should always boil fresh milk before drinking.
    Both cow and buffalo milk are good for the body, they are sweet in taste, and have a cooling effect. Both are high in nutrition and improve strength.
    Both calm Pitta and help to relieve burning sensation.
    Buffalo milk is slightly heavier to digest, though.
    The capacity to induce natural sleep is more in buffalo milk than in cow milk.
    The protein and fat content in buffalo milk are more compared to cow milk.
    Ghee prepared from buffalo milk increases Kapha, while Cow milk – ghee calms Pitta and increases digestion power.

  3. need a short summary of how to make all these milk products sequentially
    – 1. start from milk – leave to ferment 12 hr – sour milk ? – leave to ferment 12 hr – clabbered milk = curds ?
    – 2. from curd – add to boiled milk – ferment 12 hr = yogurt = more curds ?
    – 3. churn curd = butter + whey ?
    – 4. from cultured butter – boil – cultured ghee
    – 5. from clabbered milk – sour cream ?

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