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  1. Ghee is real gift for your skin. It can be used as lotion along with essential oils appropriate for your skin type ( see essential oils). It is very good for your hands and the delicate skin around the eyes. For general benefit to eyesight Ghee is used in Netra Basti treatment when you have it in the eyes for a period of time.
    Consuming Ghee you use it for beauty porposes as well because you are cleaning yourself from inside.

  2. I’m wondering if one could add dried holy basil to the butter to make the ghee and result in holy basil ghee? If so, how much dried holy basil per pound of butter and at what point do you add the herb? I thank you.

  3. Hi Carl,
    Here is a recipe for Ghee with Holy Basil
    Boil 3 tsp of Holy Basil (powder, leaves, or crushed tablets) in one cup o f water for 5 minutes. Strain the liquid through a cotton cloth. Add a cup of ghee to the remaining liquid and boil the ghee-tea mixture until the water is evaporated (approximately 15 minutes). Take care that the ghee doesn’t burn

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