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  1. Hi larisa,
    I am suffering from acne problems from 1 to 2 years. They were more on cheeks and some small breakouts were there on foreheads. First I took homeopathy treatment however it didn’t worked for me. But now I have taken an ayurvedic treatment which I think is surely helping me. If I have acne then does it really means that my dosha is of pitta type. And also can you suggest me more for my recovery

  2. In Ayurveda, each dosha governs a different portion of the skin: Vata governs the top third – the forehead and the temples. Pitta governs the middle third – the cheeks and the nose. Kapha governs the bottom third – from the base of the ears and top of the lip down to the jaw and neck.
    Forehead acne aggravated by Vata excess tends to present itself as tiny milia, or as blackheads. In general, the skin feels congested and bumpy, but the acne tends to be small and dry, not deep or pus-filled.
    Pitta:Cheek and nose acne tends to be red, inflamed and painful. It may also appear as milia surrounding the eye. Or cluster around the nose and top lip.
    The liver, the blood and the stomach and small intestine are all governed by Pitta, and it is a good bet that if you are breaking out on your cheeks and nose, you are also breaking out in other places as well.
    Topically, we must be more gentle with this type of acne
    Kapha: Lower cheek, chin and jaw acne tends to be deep, large, cystic, fluid-filled, painful and slow to resolve, reflecting the slow, fluid, heavy qualities of Kapha. Even blackheads in this area tend to be “meatier” and more oily than those in the other section of our face.han any other. Soothing and lightly moisturizing are key. No exfoliation or drying of any sort.

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