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Dashmool – the Famous Ten Roots Formula.


Dashmool (dashmul, dashamula) is a ten roots compound to treat Vata dosha. The warming quality also pacifies Kapha. It nourishes and tonifies the muscles, strengthens the body, and calms the nervous system. The formula is very grounding and promotes the proper flow of prana (life force) in the body.

Forms of preparation:



1. Calms the nerves.
2. Strengthens the body.
3. Supports proper function of the lungs.
4. Promotes the healthy elimination of toxins.
5. Helps with headaches.
6. Used for the flu, coughs, and colds.
7. Is a tonic for the kidneys and liver.
8. Treats fatigue.
9. Removes dead cells from the body.
10. Regenerates cells of the body.
11. Used as sedative for the Vata constitution.
12. As tonic in infertility.
13. Used for anorexia.
14. For body ache.
15. For edema.
16. For anemia.

Enemas with Dashmool are recommended  for excess Vata. Two kinds of enema are possible:

– Decoction of Dashmool is used as an enema to eliminate toxins from the GI tract. It also balances Vata in the lower body.

– As part of tonification therapy an enema of 1/2 cup of warm sesame oil mixed with 1/2 cup of Dashmool decoction can be taken in an enema. The procedure is best  done in the evening and has to be held for at least 20 minutes. These helps hydrate the tissues, especially in debility conditions. This enema is considered as being oil massage for the colon and is as helpful for arthritis as a massage for the bones and joints, and for excess dryness of the skin.

Sweating therapy with Dashmool in saunas or steam boxes is used for many conditions including arthritis, Vata-type joint pain (without inflammation), insomnia, and excessive dryness.

Abhyanga (oil massage) with Dashmool oil is used to warm up Vata when out of balance, to calm the nervous system, and to hydrate dry skin.

Ingredients: Bilva root (Aegle marmelos), Agnimantha root (Premna integrifolia), Shyonaka root (Oroxylum indicum), Patala root (Stereospermym suaveolens), Kashmari root (Gmelina arborea), Bruhati root (Solanum indicum), Kantakari root (Solanum xanthocarpum), Shalaparni root (Desmodium gangeticum), Prushniparni root (Uraria picta), Gokshura root (Tribulus terrestris).

How to Use:

Internally: 5-10g (1/6-1/3 oz) dry herb brewed as tea. Filter and drink warm. Honey can be added as sweetener.

In enema: (see enemas).

Oil: buy Dashmool oil at an Indian grocery store or simmer sesame oil with dashmool decoction until the water evaporates.

TODAY’S TIP: No matter what Dosha predominates in your constitution, Vata goes out of balance when working too much, driving too much, sleeping too little; and generally when living in big cities. Also when living in the life stage of Vata (50+) every person starts accumulate Vata features including imbalances. That makes Dashmool very useful for almost all of us.


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