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Ayurveda on Salt — 2 Comments

  1. Hi

    Thank you for the enlightenment on various kinds of salt. I live
    in India and do not know if we get sea salt in the market. I have seen it
    in grocery stores in the US though. Being a vegetarian, I thought
    it would be best for us to consume some form of iodized salt for proper thyroid
    functioning. My understanding is that the Himalayan pink salt and Indian
    black salt (rock salt) do ot contain any iodine. So, which salt would be
    the best to consume for a vegetarian (no sea food including no algae/ sea weeds
    which would have iodine).

  2. I suggest,that you mostly use Himalayan salt and from time to time a
    little of iodized salt. We do not need that much iodine and it can be
    overdosed as well.
    Stay well.

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