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  1. Hello Larisa
    I was reading your article on Three Ayurvedic Season
    I believe currently Vata is on for fall and early winter followed by Kapha late winter . my question is that for a person who has Vata and Pitta dosha …like myself …do I have to follow Vata Diet now ?I believe I have to avoid food that increases Vata right . Then how about during Kapha period ..do i still have to follow Vata Diet ?
    I like your website Larise ..its full with useful information . I did ask you earlier about rock salt and you told me that you uses Himalayan Pink salt . I did buy from the indian grocery store Himalayan Pink Salt. Its Shan Product but when I grind the crystals they turn out to be not really pink just like white ….but the crystals are pink in colour …..
    Anyway thanking you in advance for all your replies .


  2. Is rock salt safe to use in cooking daily food? Rock salt is used for
    making ice cream right ? But would the salt stand the heat from
    cooking ?
    Is rock salt better than celtic sea salt ?
    I have read a number of books that says wheat is bad for health as it
    causes inflammation? In fact the chiropractor dr that my husband is
    seeing for blood pressure issue also said the same thing . But in
    ayurveda depending on the type of dosha wheat is still favourable .
    Its kind of a bit confusing .
    Is basmati rice the same as long grain white rice?
    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance.

  3. Thank you for your questions and interest in Ayurveda.

    1. According to dictionary rock salt is “common salt occurring in
    extensive, irregular beds in rock-like masses”. That means that all salt in
    big crystals is rock salt. If needed we can grind it. I use Himalayan pink
    salt in small crystals and grind it when necessary.

    2. Wheat gives strength and endurance when eaten at lunch. In the morning
    and in the afternoon our body hasn’t enough power to digest wheat. Many
    diseases are caused by grains and beans eaten after 3 p.m. Good choice for
    dinner (if ever) are steamed vegetables for Vata and Kapha and fruit for
    Pitta. When one eats big meal at lunch (preferably at 12-1 p.m.), the
    food is digested so fully, that it is no need for dinner. But if you eat
    later, at 4-5 p.m., food is digested only partly and you are hungry in the
    evening again. This eating pattern consumes the body’s power without
    nourishing it. I personally eat light breakfast, full lunch with grains
    and beans at 12 till 2 p.m.; and I am absolutely not hungry in the
    evening. Before bed I have a cup of hot milk with spices.
    It has to be said that commercial bread isn’t a good source of wheat. At
    least look for bread made without yeast.

    3. Basmati rice is different from long grain rice. Basmati rice is
    available almost everywhere and is the best sort of rice to eat according
    to Ayurveda.

    Stay well and thank you for your questions. Larisa.

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