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Vedic Principles of Decision Making — 2 Comments

  1. some time when we make decisions, some people do not like for whom we care. they feel neglected and unimportant though the decision will improve me and my self and i will in turn improve them.
    then what should be done?

  2. We almost always do not know the results of our decisions. The mind is prone to justify the pursuit of pleasures and reject what actually will benefit us. We need to consult spiritually mature persons and the Holy Scriptures in order to make the right things.

    We deserve all our relatives, friends, bosses, enemies etc. The only person we can change is ourself. If we change to the better we automatically will deserve better people around us and they will change themselves or leave. We should be patient and persistent. Out close relatives represent our deepest karma and will change in the last turn.

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